10 days in Indonesia

I got back yesterday from a 10 day holiday in beautiful Indonesia. I'd been working pretty hard lately and was overdue some time off, so my Fiancee and I decided to hit Bali for some relaxation. Of all the places I've been lucky enough to visit on our wonderful planet, Indonesia is one that always draws me back. There's just something about the cocktail of wonderful people, culture, spirituality and landscape. I can't explain it, it's just special to be there. Ironically, even though my job is mostly taking pictures, that's what I always end up doing to relax; especially in a place as creatively inspiring as Indonesia. It was nice to not have a shot list, heaps of gear & models etc to worry about like I do on a job; I was just able to wander around with my camera shooting what I wanted.

Nikon D700 & 35mm 1.8 - Pure Magic


99% of the time, I shot with my 5 year old Nikon D7000 & 35mm 1.8DX, and I was reminded again why this is my favourite gear combination I've ever shot with. It got submerged by a wave a few years ago (long story) so the rear screen is useless, most of the buttons don't work or are stuck, It won't let me change the autoafocus mode from single point and I can't move that point form the centre of the frame. Also, the focus screen got glue on it (an even longer story) so there's crap all over the viewfinder. But oh my, the beautiful images this thing creates. It's borderline magical. These pics are some of my best work ever, so before you think you have to spend heaps of money to shoot great stuff, stop yourself. You can pic up a used D7000 for a few hundred bucks right now and the 35mm 1.8 is pretty much the cheapest lens Nikon sell!

Anyway, enough about gear. You can check out all of my shots below. Hopefully you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them :)