What in the blazes is 'Creative Commons' licensing?

Creative Commons is a type of licensing that encourages the sharing of images or media whilst still seeing that the creator the image or media maintains the credit. It also protects the creator against any unlawful use, depending on the license.

For me, Creative Commons is the future of media licensing and falls in line perfectly with the evolution of the internet. It's only a matter of time before the internet is globally available to everyone, and sharing is the future of the internet in my opinion. I create my images for people to see, so why would I restrict the opportunities for this to happen?

My images are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial. This basically means you can share my images all you want and I welcome it as long as you attribute them to 'Ben Ashmole @ashmolephotography.com' every time you use them. The only restriction is that you do not use my images for commercial purposes without my permission as this requires copyright licensing. All copyright licensing will incur a licensing fee. For any commercial licensing inquiries or questions please email me at ben@ashmolephotography.com

While my images are licensed to encourage sharing, they are all still registered with the US copyright office. In short this means that any use of my images in a way that is not in accordance with the licensing described here will result in legal action.

Examples of non commercial uses

  • Using an image within a blog post
  • Using one of my images as a personal wallpaper
  • Sharing one of my images through any social media

Examples of Commercial Use

  • Use of an image in any way within a magazine or publication (includes online) or any other medium gaining money from advertisement
  • Use of an image in any way to advertise or fund raise for a company or charity (includes not for profit)
  • Use of an image to make a canvas print

The determination of commercial use is completely contextual to the way the image is used. It is not determined based on who or what is using it, or whether the use is for monetary gain!

If in doubt, contact me and I can advise you! Being unaware is not an excuse for breach of copyright!

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